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Your Mentor, wealth channel & Soul Activator

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The gateway to unlocking your
unlimited potential

and build a brand you never thought possible.

Hi Beautiful Soul,

ONE thing is for sure... You are most definitely, not here by accident.

That's why I feel so Honoured to welcome you!

My work is devoted to you accomplishing all your dreams, creating the Unimaginable & Becoming in harmony in MIND-BODY & SPIRIT as you build a 6+ fig. you are obsessed with on your own terms.

The Exclusive Accelerated Ascension Mentorship & Soul Activations will uplift your energetic vibrations, Unlock your unlimited Potential and Calibrate your brand to a higher level of SUCCESS, WEALTH and MASTERY. 

The type of Sustainable Souled Profitable business that you always dreamt of having and you know you will do. Because you are a visionary and someone who's also committed.  

It's my PASSION to pass on to you all strategies and shortcuts I used to Quantum Leap, Create a Life I am in Love with and Become Magnetic to my most profound Desires as I serve the World. 

If you are a woman eager to be seen as
The Powerful  and Iconic LEADER that YOU ARE - It would be my pleasure to see how I can help you! 

DM/ Drop us an email to receive the application form!

I am looking forward to seeing you inside.

Infinite Love, 
Romina Zapata

Founder & CEO of Astral Soul Healing®


That page is still

in the field of possibility.

New Updates and arrangements are on their way.

We will come Back Soon with more Magic!

Meanwhile, It would be Beautiful to stay Connected via Social Media HERE

WE Love you,

Romina & Team Astral Soul Healing.


Meadows in the Mountains Festival- Bulga

“My relationship with Romy and her work has been absolutely transformative.
After journeying through 9 years of healing with a potentially lifelong disease, I found Romy and knew that working together would be an essential next step on my path. 

Romy is a true healer. Little by little, I feel myself daily arriving in my truest essence - which has been inspired by her guidance. I am so grateful for her presence in my life”

Megan, Creator & Teacher


For any bookings or enquiries, please send us an email. We will respond within 48 hours. 

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