Astral Soul Healing
Your divine essence is your most precious treasure-
The gateway to your
unlimited potential.

Hi Beautiful Soul,

I feel so honoured you are here with me!

And ready for a radical change in all areas of your life.

Astral Soul Healing sessions will raise your energetic frequencies so you unveil your purest essence and connect with your Divinity.

Because it's time for you to take back your role of "creator'.

My work is devoted to you accomplish all your dreams, create the uncommon & become supernatural as you connect with the depths of your Soul.

See you inside.


With all my Love,

Romina Zapata

Founder of Astral Soul Healing ®

Shamanic Energy Healing
Ancestral Womb Healing
Sound of your Soul

Astral Soul Healing 

It is a transformative and life-changing experience that upgrades your souls’ frequency so you can be fully in alignment with your purpose, welcome infinite abundance into your life & tap into your fullest potential, your Genius! 

Blessings of the Womb

It’s an astonishing journey into the source of all life & the origins of your inner Universe. You will travel & bring back your ancestors wisdom, unlock your past lives, traumas & decode the mystery that you carry beyond this life experience & this body. 

Sound of Your Soul

It’s a very profound & powerful medicine that recalibrates your brain waves & energetic field so you can be in harmony with Your Higher Consciousness, Divine Self. Adding a deep relaxation as the sound touches your energetic field & massages every cell in your body.   

Meadows in the Mountains Festival- Bulga

David, Coach

"I have been working with Romy's therapies and workshops for a while now and I highly recommend her! 

Her loving nature, passion and dedication makes me come back to her for some advice as she guides me to the road I should follow for the healing to unfold. 

She is always willing to help when I need it.

We have created a very mindful connection".



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Blessings of the Womb

Welcome to the Astral Soul Community!

I respect your privacy, and your space. I will not share your information, and will not overwhelm you with messages.

For any enquiry please email Romy directly.

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