Blessings of the Womb

"All of creation- humans, whales, and even stars- is made from light manifested through the power of intention".


Open a Divine Energy channel for a deep healing of your soul's mirror

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Blessing of the Womb is a beautiful guided journey into your most sacred space, the source of all life.

The journey into the Womb is a profound transformative experience through connection with the self, sound, movement, energy healing, shamanic journeying and the mystical guidance of your Spirit Team.

It's a pathways of light that will connect you with THE WISDOM OF YOUR ANCESTORS.

Helping you to begin the healing process that will open up your Divine Energy channel so you can step beyond fear,

and practice peace.

All the creation is happening first inside you.

It will be my pleasure to guide you towards this space where all magic is created. 

Yes, you heart it right!

YOU & I together will dive deep into it so you may dream your world into being.

Along this healing journey, you’ll experience layers of knowledge and wisdom that you never thought you had as you awaken your unique gifts.

Set your intention, open to receive all the transformation and gifts of consciousness that await you as you connect with your Higher Self.

OPEN TO ALL as each soul, both MEN AND WOMEN, has a Womb/ Sacral Chakra.







Blessings of the Womb is an energetic transmission, a purification process of the body and the mind, a healing that will profoundly work at the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

Your sacral area is your WEB OF LIFE.

The sacral chakra, your Womb, is you supernatural power core; the centre of your creativity, the heart of your pleasure, the centre of your emotions, desires, passions, and dreams and represents your relationship with the self and worth.



However, when the chakra is not purify all the unwanted energies settled in, blocking and disconnecting you from the ability to think clearly, remember things, trust, connect with your intuition, make effective decisions and flow with life freely. 

The intention is to release any stagnant energy you have been holding in the area and really honour the mystical essence of your being, where your wildness and powers live in harmony.


It will bring clearance, healing, empowerment and balance into your sacred area, & thus, your life.

It uniqueness is due to the magic combinations of ANCIENT THERAPIES, & THE POWER OF INTENTIONS. ​​



This powerful and millenary healing technique used by our ancestors has changed the life of hundreds of humans. It effectiveness lies in the combination of  different healing modalities applied for the best result:

✨Guided meditation✨


✨Shamanic journey✨



✨Sound healing✨

✨Inner Child work✨

✨Identifying and clearing beliefs✨

✨Stress release (through movement and sound)✨

✨Emotional clearing✨

✨Astral Soul Healing✨

✨Relationship Cord healing✨

✨Clearing ancestral patterns✨

✨Chakra clearing and balancing✨

✨Conscious breathing✨

✨Crystal healing✨

✨Movement medicine✨

✨Angelic guidance✨

Each session is as unique as each soul. Even when you have more than one session.  


The journey into the Womb is a profound transformative experience through the immersion of different ancestral healing ​modalities that vary depending on what your Soul is calling for.

You will enter the dreamscape of your soul while your body receives deep restorative healing.


Firstly, I will walk you through a mystic ceremony to open up your intuitive mind & heart by subtle stimulation of all your senses. 

Using the frequencies of crystals, sound and shamanic energy healing, I will act as a channel to clear energetic debris from your physical and auric bodies while you relax into a journey through your subconscious and the depths of your Soul. 

Depending on how the session evolves, I will also include other tools and methods for a better re-balance of the energies such as voice, koshi chimes, feathers fans, bells, pendulums, and the sweet smoke of sage or Palo Santo.

"Discovering the blessings you hold in your sacral area will help you to clear your fears and pain from any lifetimes or ancestor lineage; traumas, memories, experiences, and remove any layer that prevents you from open the connection with your Divine Energy Self.  the true source of healing, creativity, love, and sensuality".


As the Womb governs your ability to relate to other people and the world around you, when its energy flow is blocked, you can:

become unemotional, experience uncertainty, insecurity, lack of self-esteem or self-worth, sexual dysfunction, depression, emotional imbalance, and an inability to cope with life’s changes.

This mystical energy healing will DEEPLY CONNECT YOU WITH A LINAGE OF ELDERS to assist you in your personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that is blessed.

It also will help to boost your immune system, relaxation at a deep levels, reduce stress and anxiety, increase you senses & psychic gifts, creativity, and much more. 

You will reclaim the pieces of the spirit that have either been intentionally given away or taken from you as you awaken your gifts & tap into your purest essence. 

Once the emotion is detached from that event or experience that have caused you the trauma, guilt, illness or insecurity, then the physical pain dissolves for the body's own ability to heal.

It will allow you to clear fears and pain from any lifetimes or ancestor lineage, and remove any layer that prevents you from open the connection with your Divine Energy Self.



If you are seeking to GAIN YOUR SOVEREIGNTY BACK, this is made for you!

You don’t need to be spiritual nor have any particular condition. 

I will meet you at any point you are at. 

You just need to FEEL THE CALL inside your being to TAP INTO YOUR INNER WISDOM.

Our Soul places a key role to access our intuition. It’s the gateway to tap into your own

divine energy and together we will make it happen.

You just need to relax and enjoy what the Universe has ready to deliver to you.


Keep on reading to know how we will archive it.



A big part of the healing journey is to being able to INTEGRATE ALL THE KNOWLEDGE and wisdom you have received during the treatment ON YOUR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE.

Its a tailored follow-up caring session where YOU & I will meet to share from your heart anything we wish to.


I consider it is very important YOU FEEL SUPPORTED, HELD & LOVED during your ascension process.

This guidance will be so beneficial to discuss how you are feeling & answer all the question you might have after experiencing the healing session.


While containment measures are in place for COVID-19 Romy is only provide online for remote sessions. 

Remote Video Services by Skype/FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger and phone

This Energy Healing session is provided ONE-TO-ONE or GROUPS ( share this beautiful experience with a beloved one!) remotely.

Clients has recently reported Distance Healing to be such a deep and powerful experience. 


Energy is timeless and spaceless, you will experience such a calming and relaxing state of mind, feeling energised and revitalised from the comfort of your own sanctuary- your home.



Contact Romy directly to request a gift card.



Tailored with your needs in mind you will have a selection of treatments plans to pamper yourself or gift it to a beloved one.  

Astral Soul Healing


Becoming Ruby

3 x Blessing of the Womb Session

You get:

3 x 75 Minutes session

3 x Spiritual Guidance Live sessions 


ALL my magic tricks to become quantum-Mastery tools kit to succeed- My unconditional support along your journey!


Remote Treatment

  *Expires after 1 month after purchase

Turning diamond

3 x Blessings of the Womb Session

You get:

5 x 75 Minutes session

5 x Spiritual Guidance Live sessions 


ALL my magic tricks to become quantum-My unconditional support along your journey!- Mastery tools kit to succeed-Channeled messages from your soul.


Remote Treatment

  *Expires after 2 months after purchase

Emerald ME 

1 x single Session

You get:

1 x 75 Minutes session
1 x Spiritual Guidance Live sessions 

ALL my magic tricks to become quantum-My unconditional support along your journey!-Mastery tools kit to succeed.


Remote Treatment
  *Expires after 1 month after purchase


“My relationship with Romy and her work has been absolutely transformative.
After journeying through 9 years of healing with a potential life long disease, I found Romy and knew that working together would be an essential next step on my path. 

Romy is a true healer. Little by little, I feel myself daily arriving in my truest essence - which has been inspired by her guidance. I am so grateful for her presence in my life”

Megan, Creator & Teacher

For any enquiry please email Romy directly.

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