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Full Moon Women's Healing Circle: "Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Flow"

The sacred feminine is the source of all manifestation, when active, it can help to tap into your inner power & connect with your intuition.

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Full Moon Women's Healing Circle: "Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Flow"
Full Moon Women's Healing Circle: "Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Flow"

Time & Location

Aug 03, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM GMT+1

Online Event

About the Event

"Full Moon Women's Healing Circle: “Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Flow"  *ONLINE/Via Zoom*. 90 minutes. Open to all women. £7 -Eco-friendly event! Together we donate £1 towards planting trees for every ticket sale-

Since ancient times, the moon has come to symbolically embody the realm of the subconscious, emotions, intuition, and the cycles of life and death. Working with the energies of the Full Moon add power, amplitude and action to manifest our desires and enhanced intuition and insight. This is also a huge opportunity for your spiritual and emotional growth. Sharing our life paths with other beautiful souls around the globe makes us feel more compassionate, held, connected and empowered.

Would you like to be part of the Sisterhood?

This Full Moon Women’s Healing Circle has been created for you to come together in unity to connect, heal, feel supported and encouraged, being seen and heard in a non-judgmental space. In this safe and sacred space, we listen and share with honesty and vulnerability our stories from a loving and compassionate place.

The Women’s Circle is lead by the energy of each and every soul that decides to join and opening their hearts for the healing to unfold. So coming with an open mind and heart would help you to get the most our of this experience.

In Each circle we work under a different theme of discussion so we intensify the inner-work and prepare to get the right potion of energy the Universe has ready for us. This month Women’s Healing Circle's theme will be “Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Awakening”.

The Divine Feminine is a form of energy that all beings possess. It is known by many names such as yin, shakti, or lunar energy - it is soft, slow, receptive, compassionate, and intuitive - & deeply connected with the Moon, Mother Earth & water.

What does include?

- Grounding Meditation

- Cacao Ceremony - Journeying with the sacred plant medicine that is a beautiful heart-opener & connection facilitator

- Divine Feminine Breathwork

- Gentle Movement Medicine

- Sharing Circle

- Astral Soul Healing energy transmission

The session starts with a short grounding meditation for us all to connect. That will lead into a magical and sacred space to work with the plant medicine of Cacao to open our hearts and connect deeply with our feminine energies to feel more empowered, manifest our desires in life, express our sexuality and sexuality so you can tap into the core and connect with you intuition.

We allow the guidance of this Aquarius Full Moon to lead us to work deeper and closer to our hearts to understand our body and so, understand who we are.

Benefits of this workshop:

-   Enhanced intuition

-   Increased ability to let go

-   More flexibility and spontaneity

-   Increased love and acceptance of yourself and others

-   Connection with the Creator within

-   More ability to enjoy the small things in life

-   Deeper comfort with the unknown and reduced anxiety

-   Greater self-compassion

-   Heightened connection with your body and sensuality

-   Enhanced ability to relax, receive, and be

The sacred feminine is the source of all manifestation, in both the inner and outer worlds. When we have access to it, we have access to the gateway of our inner power. It transforms our perception so that we can actually see the divine dimension of ourselves and others, experiencing compassion, forgiveness, infinite love & gratitude.

Step into your own Divine Feminine Energy by connecting with the healing power of the Sisterhood. It will be a journey of deep connecting with your inner-self, our ancestors, Mother Earth and with all the women on this planet.

Your are a DIVINE GODDESS of light & love!!!


Via Eventbrite or


***The price of this sacred virtual event  has been reduced to honour the times***

The energy exchange is  £7 -Plus it is an Eco-friendly event! together we donate £1 towards planting trees for every ticket sale. 

Note: If you find this event interesting but you can’t attend the live session, please book it as anyway and I will send you the recording to experience the retreat any time you wish. The recording will be sent out the following day.

Once you reserve your place, I will be in contact with you to share more details about this amazing ceremony explaining step by step how we will connect.


You will comfortably relaxed and connected with the Sisterhood via LIVESTREAM. You will be at home, at your sacred and peaceful place from where each of us will allow the magic to happen.


Because of the variety of cacao, which is significantly more potent, and the amount consumed in the ceremonial dose, there are a couple of contraindications to be aware of:

– Prescription Anti-depressants: Check your med’s to see if this is the case.

– Serious Heart Conditions: cacao increases heart rate and is a vasodilator, so be careful if you have a serious heart condition

– Pregnant or breastfeeding: Go with a lower dose as cacao is a stimulant.

For those who will be journeying with this amazing and open-hearted medicine for the first time, I will be sending the instruction on how to prepare it one you reserve your place :)

Please share love with other Soul Sisters who you believe would benefit from this amazing sisterhood connection. Share the event here!

My intention for this circle is to come together in unity to heal, connect with our Divine Feminine Energy, feel empowered, create a safe container and share love with one another. Which is yours?

Cannot wait to share time, space and healing with you sister!

With all the love of The Universe,






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    "Full Moon Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Flow"






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