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New Moon Event: “Unlocking your Inner Wisdom: Crown Chakra expansion"

Closely connected to divine forces, an open crown chakra gives a sense of pure awareness, selflessness, interconnectivity, and pure bliss.

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New Moon Event: “Unlocking your Inner Wisdom: Crown Chakra expansion"
New Moon Event: “Unlocking your Inner Wisdom: Crown Chakra expansion"

Time & Location

Sep 17, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM GMT+1

Virtual Ceremony

About the Event

New Moon Event: “Unlocking your Inner Wisdom: Crown Chakra expansion". Autumn Equinox Celebration!! Virtual event. Open to all. Duration: 90 minutes session. Energy exchange to honour the times: £7

We will journey along with ancient holistic medicine: Meditation, Crown Chakra rebalancing & opening, spiritual and astral guidance journaling, Crystal Healing, visualisation and the power of mantras.

Each and every being on Earth has the ability to connect to their highest state of enlightenment and spiritual connection, thus embody liberation, sharing great knowledge, deep understanding and inner wisdom. The importance of having it in alignment is  the key to forming a connection between the finite and the infinite, sharing energy with the larger forces and wisdom of the universe. Such a gift that connects us with our supernatural powers!

If you would like to shift the thinking and the beliefs that have been contributing to your stuck energy and lack of desired results in your love life, personal life, work life, and your health, I will highly recommend you to  join me for this event!

Together, we will work towards balancing and realigning our energies with our soul purpose so that each time you have a decision to make you have an inner source you can rely on that provides you with a wise, loving perspective and lifts you to a higher place.


ALL beings everywhere.

No experience is necessary, just a calling to heal.

Those who are ready for a CHANGE

Those who feel some obstacles from shining their inner light

Those who will like to connect deeper with their intuition

To step up into this healing journey is such a gift! As when we heal, we also heal for the collective, our family members, ancestors and Mother Earth.


Join Romy for an hour and a half VIRTUAL CEREMONY (via Zoom) to connect with the highest version of yourself, your Soul and unlock the full potential of your being.

If you are experiencing lack of purpose, loss of meaning in your life, indifference, and depression, especially during this changing time, this may be a sign that your crown chakra is unbalanced.

Unblocking the crown chakra is critically important in finding a gateway to divine bliss and spiritual wisdom. In fact, some people refer to the crown chakra as the “God chakra” because of its spiritual value.

With the power of our intentions and the guidance of the angelic beings, we will be able to clean the channel to the light of spirit, thus, align our energies to Source.


-  Guided Meditation

-  Visualisation

-  Crystal Healing

-  Mantras

-  Spiritual and astral guidance journaling

- Crown Chakra rebalancing & opening

Romy will be guiding us to fully arrive into a virtual ceremonial space by a grounding meditation, so we may be fully present and embodied, and simultaneously opening our upper chakras so we may open to receive what is ready for each of us.

Holding our collective & individual intentions in our hearts, we will surrender to what the Universe has prepared. Trusting the process for the healing to unfold.

Working with different ancient healing techniques such as Crown Chakra rebalancing & opening, Crystal Healing and mantras, will amplify the  connection with the Unseen world and our superpowers.


- Live in the present moment

- Sense of Oneness

- Clarity & understanding

- Trust in our inner guidance

- Increase our connection with the spiritual world

- Better energy flow

- Ability To See Larger Picture

- Open up our sense of awareness

- Quick at solving problems

- Detachment of what not longer serve you

- Compassion & gratitude

If you’re ready to turn up the volume on your inner guidance and start following the deep, authentic wisdom of your Soul, then this is the perfect call for you ;)

Cant wait to meet you, share time and space with you and fully open up to the thousand-petal lotus chakra!


Via my Website (Here)

Or Paypal (Friends & Family please)


**The price of this sacred virtual event has been reduced to honour the times**

The energy exchange is  £7 -Plus it is an Eco-friendly event! Meaning that together we donate £1 towards planting trees for every ticket sale.

Note: If are ready for this journey to begin!… But you can’t attend the live session, please book it as anyway and I will send you the recording to experience the retreat any time you wish in the comfort of your own sacred space. The recording will be sent out the following day.

For those who know me well, I love to give intention to everything I do to heighten the work ;)  So I’d like to share my intention for this ceremony, and it is to strengthen our connection with the Universe and our Higher Self to be guided, held and supported towards our journey on Earth. It will lead us to have clarity, balance and peace within for living our life fully.

When we hold each other, SUPERNATURAL things happen!!! :) After this event you will experience every cell in your body tingling with energy and unconditional love.

I cannot wait to journey, share and heal with you all…

With Love & Gratitude,


Contact details:

IG: @Astral.soul.healing //





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