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Shamanic Group Energy Healing & Yoga Nidra- Guided by the Moon's Energies

Giving yourself a "Self-care" treatment during these transformational times to tap into the best version of yourself, your true essence.

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Shamanic Group Energy Healing & Yoga Nidra- Guided by the Moon's Energies

Time & Location

Jul 19, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+1

Online Event

About the Event

Open to all. ONLINE. Shamanic Group Energy Healing & Yoga Nidra. Duration: 90 minutes session. £7 -Eco-friendly event, together we donate £1 towards planting trees for every ticket sale.


Giving yourself the gift of "Radical Self-care treatment" during these uncertain times will allow you to come back to centre and release any tension that have being holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself. If you are feeling mentally or physically drained, this event will increase your energy levels and brings you peace within. 

Combining these powerful ancient techniques, Yoga Nidra & Shamanic Energy Healing, you will feel more empowered, relaxed, connected and in communion with your being to show up for your life replenished.

What is the event about?

Join Romy for an hour and a half LIVESTREAM workshop (via Zoom) of full self-caring treatment to boost your energy field as she guides you through a Shamanic Energy Healing Journey that will help you to find a feeling of communion with all life and reconnect with the higher frequencies of your being. Your true Essence. 

Shamanic Energy Healing therapy is a holistic practice that improves energy flow, mindset, self-confidence, and most that all increases your wellbeing. It also promotes balance, self-healing, leads you to find a sense of peace and empowerment and aids better concentration and sleep.

SPECIAL GUEST! Megan Armstrong - yoga teacher, meditation guide, creator of Self Remembrance & light being. After being diagnosed with a long-term disease 9 years ago, her journey of self connection, healing & liberation began & continues to unfold to this day. Meg honour diverse wellbeing practices to empower & support others, she will guiding us into a powerful Yoga Nidra meditation. 

Yoga Nidra translates to 'yogic sleep'. It is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental & emotional relaxation. The experience is explained as 'conscious sleep' - which an individual rests in a state of deep non-REM sleep, producing delta brain waves and is at the same time conscious of the events surrounding them.

The session starts with a chat giving away some information regarding what Shamanic Energy Healing is, how it works and its benefits.  Followed by setting an individual intention for the work to unfold, Megan will guide you to lie down in a comfortable position to fall into the Yoga Nidra for a relaxation and heart-centred technique lead by a Shamanic Energy Healing potion.

Once the meditation has helped you to fully surrender and soften, you’ll start to experience the power of the energy lifting and re-balancing you as Romy guides you on a beautiful journey of deep healing connection within. She channels energy to send to each individual for the healing process to happen within you. 

Benefits of the combination of these two practices ( Yoga Nidra & Energy Healing):

- Help cleaning the energetic blocks

- Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Healing

- Boost your energy field

- Improve the functioning of your nervous system 

- Help decrease anxiety

- Improve your mood and inner balance

- Release Tension and Pain

- Connect with your true essence

Once the energy medicine portion of these amazing therapies are completed, you will have some time for Q&A and sharing anything that you have saw, felt, sense, and heard or experienced during the session.

You will leave the session feeling both empowered and peaceful, in a higher vibrational state than when you joined in knowing of the potential of your own body while in deep connection with it.

It would be a journey of profound harmony with body, mind and soul.

Looking forward to create some magic together!

Book your spot now 

The full LIVESTREAM session will last 90 minutes. £7 -Eco-friendly event, together we donate £1 towards planting trees for every ticket sale. Open to all.


If you find this event interesting but you can’t attend, please book it as anyway and I will send you the recording to experience the retreat any time you wish. The recording will be sent out the following day.


My intention is to create a sacred space for you to find a state of inner balance, harmony and connection with your power and your soul!

With deep Love and Gratitude. 


Contact details:

IG: @Astral.soul.healing //





  • Connect with your Soul


    "Self-care" treatment to tap into the best version of yourself, your true essence :)






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