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My relationship with Romy and her work has been absolutely transformative.

After journeying through 9 years of healing with a potential life long disease, I found Romy and knew that working together would be an essential next step on my path.


Whether it be 1 on 1 Soul Healing Sessions or Community Women's Circles, I feel so held and supported by her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

I consider Romy to be a part of my energy healing family. I know that at any moment I can send her a message and she will connect with me to support, uplift and move with me in anything I am experiencing. 


Romy is a true healer. Little by little, I feel myself daily arriving in my truest essence - which has been inspired by her guidance.


I am so grateful for her presence in my life.

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Yoga Teacher
Thank you for the very insightful Healing treatment!
It opened up a door of consciousness for me to understand and rediscover my true self. I was amazed that I had the same night very vivid dreams that I remembered (normally I don't). Those dreams brought elements of stressful situations that my mind was unconsciously processing.
Also, I understood I needed to take care of my inner child for a series of reasons that I now understand better, and curiously enough everything has started to unfold for me to take care of it.
Thank you for bringing awareness to some health and emotional issues I was facing and that also needed my focus, and now I am actively acting on those things to bring healing to my body and my heart.
It was a magical experience, really worthy because I am already seen the outcome and ripple effects that your help brought into my being.
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Assistance Hotel Manager

I have attended Romy’s Astral Soul Healing therapies, and also The Full Moon Women’s Healing Circle for a while now and it has helped a lot!

After every session, there was a sense of relief and a deeper knowing of myself.

What we discussed in each Astral Soul Healing session was very accurate, exactly what and how I was feeling at that particular moment.

This magical session is like, bringing from my unconscious mind events, traumas or anything I’m not consciously aware of to the present moment, in order for me to understand myself better and work through it.

Romy’s nurturing energy and support made a big difference, I was always able to turn to her when facing difficulties or having questions on my path.


Thank you for giving me the space and being there!

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