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A s t r a l S o u l  


The gateway to unlocking your
unlimited potential.

Hi Beautiful Soul,

ONE thing is for sure... You are most definitely, not here by accident.

That's why I feel so Honoured to welcome you!

My work is devoted to you accomplishing all your dreams, creating the Unimaginable & Becoming in harmony in MIND-BODY & SPIRIT as you Remember your power as a creator.

Astral Soul Healing Activations and Mentorship Programs will uplift your energetic vibrations, Unlock your unlimited Potential and Calibrate you to a higher level of SUCCESS and MASTERY. 

It's my PASSION to pass on to you all tricks and shortcuts I used to Quantum Leap

at a Hyperspeed, Create a Life I am obsessed with and Become Magnetic to my most profound Desires. 


If you are a woman ready to be seen as

The Powerful LEADER that YOU ARE - It would be my pleasure to work together!

 I am looking forward to seeing you inside.


With Love, 

Romy Zapata

Founder & CEO of Astral Soul Healing®


Astral Soul Healing 1:1 Mentorship
Three-Month Accelerator Program

This program is designed with your needs in mind to awaken the dormant parts within you that will ELEVATE your consciousness and your capacity to Experience life in a divine way. 


ASH 1:1 Mentorship is a Transformative and Life-changing experience tailor-made to upgrade your Soul's Frequency. 


So you can fully align with your Purpose, welcome Infinite Abundance into your life & tap into your fullest potential to create a life beyond Extraordinary! 

Life is Never the same after an experience like this...


Astral Soul Healing (Single session)

This potent Therapy is a combination of the most effective therapies on Earth that will Recalibrate you into your HIGHEST Timeline.


The Container is set for You to Shift your Frequencies so you can open up the Portals for Your Ascension. 

The Uniqueness of this Transformative Therapy lies in its rapid and long-lasting results- to Elevate you into a New State of Consciousness where the Past,  Old Patterns and Undesirable timelines Get dissolved.


** Price Includes ONE-WEEK Unlimited VIP chat with Romy (during Business hours) for Full Support along this Process. 

Meadows in the Mountains Festival- Bulga

David, Coach

"I have been working with Romy's therapies and workshops for a while now and I highly recommend her! 

Her loving nature, passion and dedication makes me come back to her for some advice as she guides me to the road I should follow for the healing to unfold. 

She is always willing to help when I need it.

We have created a very mindful connection".


Blessings of the Womb

Enjoy this Cosmic gift!

I respect your privacy and your space. I will not share your information and will not overwhelm you with messages.

The FREE Heart Activation Transmission!

Fill out the form and get automatic access to a powerful transmission recorded during the Portal of Equinox.  It is only 14 minutes long, but it contains so many light codes and activations!.

Our intention is that this Divine channelled meditation sparks and activates something beyond beautiful in YOU.

Enjoy it.



For any bookings or enquiries, please send us an email. We will respond within 48 hours. 

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