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Romina Zapata is an intuitive wellbeing alchemist, holistic yoga teacher, shamanic energy practitioner and sonic decoding messenger. 


Romy has developed these powerful, rapid & transformational healing sessions, which involve a combination of ancient teachings known as the oldest on Earth. Guided by the Spiritual World & designed with your needs in mind, they will help you remove all the blockages that have kept you small by accelerating every cell in your body & increase your spiritual light.

"I find it incredibly rewarding to empower humans to reawaken their inner power, inspire transformation and bring to light the unique frequency of their souls to live in alignment with all that exists. This passion is what has driven me since a very young age to be of service to others." 

~ Romina Zapata, Founder of Astral Soul Healing Clinic~

Her passion for discovering the great self-healing potential of the body and understanding the power behind energy work took her on a journey of self-healing and deep study of different holistic therapies with Shamans and Masters around the world.


She has trained and acquired accredited qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine & Massage, Womb Healing, 200hr (RYT) Hatha Yoga teacher, Sound Healing, Shamanic Energy Healing, Spiritual counselling, Crystal Healing, Munay Ki Shamanic Rites, and Akashic records readings. 



Based on the success these ancient practices have brought to her life, she seeks to spread that knowledge and awareness into others and how we can become our own healers to enjoy a more heartening life and evolve the individual and collective consciousness. 



Known for her compassionate nature and affinity with the psychic world, she guides you to tap into your core self, by providing a sacred, authentic, safe and nourishing space for profound transformation.



You can meet her during group or any of the 1-1 Astral Soul Healing treatments offered remotely.

While containment measures are in place for COVID-19 Romy is only provided online for remote sessions. 

Remote Video Services by Skype/FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger and phone

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