Shamanic Energy Healing

It is a transformative and life-changing experience that upgrades your souls’ frequency so you can be fully aligned with your purpose, welcome infinite abundance into your life & tap into your fullest potential, your Genius! 

It’s an astonishing journey into the source of all life & the origins of your inner Universe. You will travel & bring back your ancestors wisdom, unlock your past lives traumas & decode the mystery that you carry beyond this life experience & this body. 

Ancestral Womb Healing

It’s a very profound & powerful medicine that recalibrates your brain waves & energetic field so you can be in harmony with Your Higher Consciousness, Divine Self. Adding a deep relaxation as the sound touches your energetic field & massages every cell in your body.   

Sound of your Soul

All the consultations are offered in English, Spanish and Italian.

Meadows in the Mountains Festival- Bulga

David, Coach

"I have been working with Romy's therapies and workshops for a while now and I highly recommend her! 

Her loving nature, passion and dedication makes me come back to her for some advices as she guides me to the road I should follow for the healing to unfold. 

She is always willing to help when I need it.

We have created a very mindful connection".

For any enquiry please email Romy directly.

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